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Orange and flower are mixed to create a summer explosion of colors

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There is also a need to buy bags, look at the various bags inside the mall to make people dazzled, if you just look at the appearance or to listen to the word side of the guide, it would be difficult to choose a good bag for their own. Related industry experts suggest that you have the following tips when you purchase a bag:

First: Select should pay attention to details

Bags produced by well-known manufacturers, the above pinholes and lines are neat and delicate, cutting is also in place, the surface and the interlayer generally does not have unstitched loopholes, the connection of the strap will be more solid outside; businesses provide the metal Accessories will also be relatively upscale, including zippers and buttons are not easy to fade, many high-end bags will be zippered handles with a special wrap, will not make it easy to expose to the air.

Two: see leather and material

According to industry sources, when identifying the material of a bag, it can be pressed with a finger. Generally common natural leather will have fine lines under the thumb pressure. The better the grade, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. Such as the common goatskin pattern appears wavy arrangement, coarse and detailed; dense cowhide leather lines, pores are irregularly arranged; pigskin is a rough surface, the pattern is usually a set of three pores, can be hard and soft . If it is a non-natural leather, the above situation will not occur during the pressing process.

Thirty-three: According to the height player bag

Although the current large and wide handbags are popular, how to choose them depends on their height. If the bags are too large or too small, they may be self-defeating and have the opposite effect.