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Why do custom leather handbags have to pay for the version fee

Dongguan Kangta Plastic Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Popularity:19 Publication time:2018-06-15 smallmiddlebig

Many customers have doubts about the fee charged by the leather goods foundry when customizing handbags. In particular, why is the playing fee so much more expensive than large goods? Let kangta give you answers to answer this question.

Whether it is for leather goods factories or for customers, playing board is a necessary part. Because the customer's demand for ideas and the leather factory sometimes have differences, they need to be determined by the customer during the customization process.

This way, the leather goods foundry can better understand the customer's philosophy and make the customer's bag more satisfying. In the purchase of proofing materials also need to meet the minimum amount of purchase, after proofing, the rest of the material will become inventory, then use less will be wasted. In addition to modifying the model, more leather is used. This is why the proofing fee will be more expensive.

However, most of the leather goods foundries will return the sample fee to the customer after the customer orders.