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How to manage leather loss in leather bag processing plants

Dongguan Kangta Plastic Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Popularity:16 Publication time:2018-06-15 smallmiddlebig

For purses processing factories that specialize in leather bags, leather costs account for a very high proportion of product costs. Therefore, leather bags processing plants will be very concerned about the loss of leather, then how can we control the loss of leather material?

Leather bag processing plant to control the loss of leather can be started from several aspects: First, leather procurement, it is necessary to do a good quality inspection of leather, only from the quality control of this link can reduce the loss. The second is to clarify the skinning standards of customers. The requirements of different customers for products are different. Only the clear standards of customers for leather bags processing factories will not cause non-technical losses. Once again, the purses processing factory must strengthen the management and training of the employees who open the materials to ensure that the technical level of the employees can meet the requirements of the factory. This is even more important in hand-cutting, because a good employee can bring value, and an unqualified employee can cause considerable losses.

The control of leather loss by the purse processing factory is not a matter of a person's certain link. It must be considered comprehensively to solve important difficulties and leather loss must be controlled to the scientific level.